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  • 5 Stage cleaning, removes a range of allergens including: dust, smoke, pollen, odours, pet dander, mold spores and organic chemicals
  • All-in-One True-HEPA Filter Cassette; pre-filter, CleanCel technology, granular carbon filter, True-HEPA filter, & PlasmaWave
  • PlasmaWave safely breaks down odour, allergens, chemical vapours and other pollutants to produce fresh air – with no harmful ozone
  • Advanced Odour Control (AOC). A washable filter that utilizes granulated activated carbon to eliminate strong household odours
  • CADR rated for 45sqm suitable for bedrooms, large living rooms and offices


This air purifier is a good value considering its CADR (Smoke / Dust / Pollen 291 / 298 / 343).
It is quiet on the two first level, not so with the two others, however you can really feel the power on the higher levels! On low it is very quiet and even medium is acceptable to use all day.
The air purifier is bulky but light enough to lift it easily.
The all in one filter can be washed and vacuumed, and is supposed to be replaced every year. I think this is a maximum.

It noticeably reduces dust on surfaces.  I also have a cat that sheds quite a lot considering how petite she is!

When it gets dark it reduces the speed lower than the quiet setting and is literally silent especially if you turn off the plasma feature which makes a small noise of its own.
I prefer to manually set it to low at night as its inbuilt night mode doesn’t do much allergy wise.

It doesn’t seem to be very accurate on auto mode to detect smells etc and speed up if it’s running at low speed. I tend to keep it on medium most of the day because of this. This is one of its small downsides.

Amazon Link: