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  • Neato Technology-LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation system with object detection scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans.
  • SpinFlowTM Power Clean-SpinFlow technology combines potent suction and precision brushes to leave floors immaculately clean.
  • D-Shape with CornerClever – Exclusive D-Shape with CornerClever technology gets to where dirt hides–in corners and along walls.
  • Deep Cleaning Brush System-Edge-to-edge, heavy-duty brush hugs the wall. Perfect for all floor types and pet hair pick-up.
  • Maximum Hair Pickup. Pet, human or other… Neato doesn’t discriminate. Picks up more pet hair than other bots.
  • It includes Neato Botvac Series High Performance Combo Brush

I called mine – Hoovey…

I researched robo vacs very carefully before opting for the Neto.  Having owned it now for about 2 months I feel able to write a comprehensive review based on that time and my own personal experience of the product. the best word of advise i can give is; pick stuff up off the floor before use, in particular socks…Hoovey will want to eat your socks.

It was very easy to setup for the first time use. On the first use I pressed the clean house button to wake up Neato and off it went on its first cleaning trip. I have a mix of carpet and wooded floors and Neato coped with all of these with ease. Hoovey even disappeared under my bed only to return and carry on!

Hoovey isn’t noisy – but you can hear him.

The finish was fantastic, however if you send him round again he will pick up a little more dust; indicating it will not necessarily pick up each speck. Is it a replacement for a proper vacuum? In my opinion, it’s quite close, for an everyday, keep the dust at bay clean. I have a cat and for keeping hair to a minimum it is really worth the investment, for me.

I would thoroughly recommend based on my experience. This isn’t a gimmick gadget, it really does work. Sure, at the price it is not a flippant purchase but considering how well it works I feel it offers value for money. Everyone who has seen it in action has been equally impressed, including my cat…

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