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  • Movies, TV shows and games look unbelievably good with best-in-class 4K HDR or high-definition 1080p
  • smooth streaming of hundreds of PC quality games with the next generation of GeForce
  • Get the most comprehensive search results of any streaming device with results from over 100 apps
  • SHIELD is 3x Faster than the nearest competitor so it delivers the snappiest, easy to use streaming experience
  • SHIELD delivers a complete entertainment experience, shipping with a remote as well as the SHIELD Game Controller


Nvidia Shield TV has become the best ‘Android TV’ boxes by a mile. It gives you pretty much everything. So if you are after the best streaming experience, look no further. If you are for casual gaming, look no further. The best Kodi experience too. The device is very user friendly, and looks amazing.

You can use Plex Server for transcoding videos stored on NAS or USB drives so that you can play them on other devices.

If you already own the 2015 version I probably wouldn’t buy this, especially as a lot of new and future features will work with the old version with a software update.

The performance is outstanding; fast very stable, excellent for all your streaming needs, great for kodi, and all your usual video streaming apps.

The GeForce now works amazingly well, you can screenshot, record, and broadcast via twitch very easily at great quality, top end android games also run perfect at max settings .

The controller is excellent, nice to hold, very premium feel to it, and weighted perfectly.

The Sheild unit itself again aesthetically pleasing and built well, totally silent.

Link to Amazon: